Licence Plans

Single user
$ 660
$ 55/user/month
Small firm
$ 5,280
$ 44/user/month
More users
Additional users
The license plan you select already contains the above-mentioned number of users. We understand you might need more users within the plan you selected. Select a number of additional users you need to activate above the number of users contained in the plan you intend to choose. It’s simple, the more users you have, the less amount per user you pay.
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Unlimited templates
You can create as many automated document templates as you need. Learn more about automated templates
Unlimited documents
You can create as many Legito smart documents from automated templates as you need. Export of Legito smart documents to MS Word or PDF is unlimited as well.
Unlimited document records
In addition to Legito smart documents created from automated templates, you can insert manually a record of any external documents (means documents received or created outside Legito). We understand not all documents you use can be automated so you can add as many external document records as you need.
Document House Style management
We know how important is the design of documents for your company. You can upload Word “house style templates”, also called letterheads to Legito and Legito will export your documents assembled in Legito to Word or PDF accordingly (including header, footer, and styles). Learn more
Batch generation and data import
Take a look at a video explaining how batch generation works or watch a tutorial video on data import.
Workflow and permission management
We are aware the drafting process does not end with the 1st draft. Therefore you can manage your document over its lifecycle: share, chat, receive automatic deadline notification, auto-extract data from Legito smart documents to document management section, analyze the content of documents, collaborate with your colleagues and clients, or negotiate with counterparty, comment and compare versions of documents, or set up different types of lifecycles and assign statuses to documents.
Integration with public registers and other systems

Legito is integrated with a lot of company registers and other public registers in many countries all over the world, and with many of your favorite ERP, CRM, and DMS such as SalesForce, HubSpot or iManage. It means we can auto-complete information from those sources into your Legito smart documents. Learn more

If integration with the system you have been using is not ready yet, you can use our API for such integration.

API access
Each workspace is allowed to have cumulatively 1 000 API requests for each user per year. Learn more about our API.
Access to Legito database of automated document templates
Some lawyers and other professionals published their templates in the Legito marketplace. You will have free access to such templates in case you need to use them from time to time.
External sharing of templates and documents
This powerful feature allows you to share your automated document templates and/or your Legito smart documents with people who are not registered Legito users via special links. You can use it for collaboration with your clients, negotiation with a counterparty or for the acquisition of new customers. Learn more about the application of this feature.
Storage space
This limit does not apply for your automated document templates, Legito smart documents or exporting such documents to Word or PDF. There is no limit for those cases. Legito allows you to upload files, typically a scan of a signed contract, to your records in the Legito Document Management section. You can upload files up to the selected size of the storage space. The storage space and amount is per your workspace (not per user).
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We have been monitoring the connectivity of the infrastructure and solving all issues as fast as we can.
99% guaranteed uptime SLA 99% guaranteed uptime SLA 99% guaranteed uptime SLA
Installation to client’s server (on premise solution)
We know that big law firms, banks, and other financial sector companies have strict policies regarding infrastructure and you might not be able to use our secure cloud. Therefore we can install Legito at your own servers. Please let us know if you’d be interested to discuss the on-premise solution.
on demand
Technical support included
We will be happy to help you with document automation, house style templates, permission management or any other setting of your workspace in Legito.
20 hours
Client Success manager
We help our clients automate thousands of documents. We assist our Fortune 500 clients with the adoption of Legito by their employees. Our support team has gained a unique set of skills and experience. Client Success manager is a highly experienced specialist who will help you with strategic decisions regarding document automation.
Total (Annually)
$ 660/year
$ 5,280/year